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Our Mission

At Coastal Current Adventures, we are passionate about educating our clients about the importance of preserving our ecosystem and wildlife. Our paddle board and kayak tours are a unique way to experience the beauty of our natural surroundings while learning about the delicate balance of our ecosystem. Our team of expert guides are dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for all ages and skill levels. Join us on a journey you'll never forget!


Our Gear

We offer the some of the very finest equipment in the industry today, NuCanoe Kayaks and North2 Paddle Boards

Our NuCanoe Kayaks offer a remarkable hull design that is fast AND stable, prepared for any waters. All of our Kayaks offer a seat with a recumbent seat bottom and adjustable seatback. This delivers superior comfort and support all day long, and is the only kayak seat with 360 degree mobility.

Our North2 Paddle Boards are perfect for the adventurous tours we offer. Individuals who want a bomb proof stand up paddle board, that are still light weight at approximately 34 lbs, this is the board for you.

My name is Ryan Woods

Growing up in Jensen Beach Florida, I have always had a passion for the water. I spent my weekends fishing with my Dad and Grandpa, kayaking with my family, and learning about the Florida Ecosystem. I spent a lot of my high school days on my kayaks fishing, taking my friends to the islands, and teaching people about the estuary that I love. I took a year after high school and studied at Word of Life Bible Institute where I met my wife Lily! My love for the Ecosystem I grew up with has only grown throughout the years and I’m now so excited to share that love and knowledge with as many people as possible. I hope that I can pass on my love for the water and ecosystem through my tours, and people will find lifelong memories.

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